Mark Forster’s Book Challenge

UK time management coach and author Mark Forster has set himself the challenge to read only one book at a time. Although he is great at starting books, his challenge has been finishing them. He’s used a variant of his Autofocus task management system in the past as a way to read War and Peace. […]

Jon Benjamin Tries Jazz

Best known as the lead voice on Bob’s Burgers and Archer, Benjamin has no expertise in jazz music. “It’s a real insult to people who try,” he says of Well, I Should Have … Learned How To Play Piano. Source: Jon Benjamin Tries Jazz We’ve loved hearing Benjamin’s voice for years on Dr. Katz and […]

Inbox by Google

I switched from Yahoo Mail to Gmail back in 2006 or 2007; it took awhile to come to grips with it, but I loved some of its conveniences and never switched back. I kept the old Yahoo Mail account as a backup just-in-case account, but I only check it every week or so. I’m always […]

Friday Links

The Best Book on American Poetry Ever From the Public Domain Review, a quaint and curious trip down ephemera lane: Christmas Festive Bonanza Digest How to write a Verbatim poem The Lost Art of Memorizing Poetry | The American Reader Maybe this is why I’m finding NPR’s news hosts’ attempts to emulate chirpy chatter ever more annoying: NPR is […]

Thursday Links

Man binge-watches The Simpsons for over two days while taking LSD  Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective The Raven writing gloves Zap your bad habits with Pavlok The Works of William Hazlitt “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in three paintings Stevereads on his favorite SF mass-market paperback covers from the early ’80s