Review: “In Our Time” podcast and newsletter

One of my long-term listening pleasures is BBC4’s In Our Time podcast. The show is hosted by Melvyn Bragg, a novelist, cultural reporter, broadcaster, and a member of the House of Lords, in no particular order. The show’s premise is to pick a significant topic from history, culture, science, art, philosophy, etc., bring in three […]

Review: Elf, a reminder service to avoid overdue library fees


The Durham Country Library — which is a great organization I support with patronage and donations of both books and money —  does not notify me when books are either coming due or are overdue. This can be inconvenient when life gets hectic or I forget that the checkout period for DVDs is different from that for books. […]

The Conet Project

I must have heard about the shortwave numbers stations years ago on this Lost and Found Sound recording for NPR’s All Things Considered (original page, YouTube version). The story was strange, the recorded sounds spooky, and the low-fidelity of the shortwave signal making them sound even spookier, as if other sounds and voices are edging […]

Domestic Comedy

Exchange between me and Liz as we drove past Ravenscroft school. ME. That’s where Matthew did his play. LIZ. Yeah, that musical about Noah’s ark. He was Ham. ME. (Pause. ) (Seriously.) He was doing his best. LIZ. (Pause.) No! His character! His character’s name was Ham! He was the son of Noah!  

Software: Audiobook Builder


Back in the days of iron men and wooden computers, I listened to audiobooks on cassette. In 2001, I joined and listened to digitized audiobooks using my trusty yet problematic Digisette Duo-Aria; for years, my secondhand cars only had cassette players so the Digisette served me well. I preferred listening to audiobooks over music whilst […]