Globe Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”

We saw the theatrical streaming of the Globe Theatre’s The Merchant of Venice recently, as that’s Liz’s favorite Shakespeare play. It’s a play that always raises more questions than it answers. There is no catharsis. The tragedies may be littered with bodies by their bloody ends, but there is the sense of an ending, of […]

“More Fool Me” by Stephen Fry (audiobook)

More Fool Me is Fry’s third book of memoirs, and covers roughly the years 1986-2001, when he was professionally and personally flying high, not least due to incredible quantities of cocaine and vodka that fueled his addictive, rather needy personality. I listened to the audiobook version, as read by Fry, and it’s a far better experience […]

Denver, October 2016

Liz presented at the AMWA conference, so I tagged along and cavorted at will. From the mental grab-bag:

Who’s Working for Who?

I traveled with Liz to Denver CO for a days while she attended a conference and I cavorted. For this brief trip, I carried a Chromebook, a Kindle Paperwhite, an iPod Touch 5g, a retro Tracfone-powered flip phone, a digital camera, multiple chargers, and 2 paperbacks. This agglomeration of tech accumulated bit by bit over […]

Google Me This: “The Lost Art of *”

I was cleaning out my Evernote inbox and saw two topics side by side: “The Lost Art of Memorizing Poetry” and the “The Lost Art of Illustrating Your Favorite Books.” How many Lost Arts could there be? Are they really lost, were they superseded, or are they underground? Have the practitioners and teachers died out? […]