Thursday Links

Man binge-watches The Simpsons for over two days while taking LSD  Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective The Raven writing gloves Zap your bad habits with Pavlok The Works of William Hazlitt “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in three paintings Stevereads on his favorite SF mass-market paperback covers from the early ’80s

Monday Assorted Links

When Procrastination doesn’t keep me from doing what I should be doing, I fall back on creating a links post. Digitized K-mart in-store background music (1989-1993). As Susie Bright said in her Facebook post, “This is a soundtrack waiting for its porn film.” Pick your guru carefully. 19th-century views of the Year 2000. Alternate Histories has released […]

Pre-Med: Preparing the Instruments

It’s worth stopping to consider what the Doc Martin creators did next. One thing we know they did not do, for whatever reasons, was go back to Simon Mayle. They needed a writer who could think in terms of serial television storytelling by creating a world that could hold a supporting cast of regular characters causing trouble […]

A Facelift for Shakespeare

A new translation effort aims to make all of Shakespeare’s plays comprehensible to today’s audiences Source: A Facelift for Shakespeare I once interviewed an actor playing Hamlet who preferred using Shakespeare’s language in a production where the rest of the cast played a revised text. He felt the text was perfectly understandable if it was […]

Pre-Med: The Doc Martin Movies

Telling the story of Doc Martin is a complicated business from the start: do we begin with the first movie, Saving Grace (2000), and then watch the two movies that followed– Doc Martin (2001) and Legend of the Cloutie (2003)? Or should we instead watch them as part of the character’s chronology — that is, start […]