From the NC State Fair Food Labs

From a GO magazine article on what to expect at this year’s state fairs in the Carolinas: North Carolina’s lineup never fails with offerings like Fry Me to the Moon — a deep-fried chocolate Moon Pie stuffed with Ho Hos, peanut butter cups, and Oreos, topped with cream cheese, chocolate syrup, and powdered sugar. Need […]


Another death. Another killing. Another explosion. Another shooting. Another outrage perpetrated by those in power on those with none. Another set of babble and bile from the privileged talking heads. Another day of confused thoughts and feelings no one knows what to do with. I dread hearing the word “another.”

“Priory of Sion” in Portland OR

In Portland OR, I saw the following chalked on sidewalks in different parts of the city:   In one or two cases, there was more of a message but we were typically walking too fast (even on vacation, we hurry hurry hurry) for me to read it or take a picture. So, two questions leapt […]

The Case of the Two-Headed Author | The Smart Set

The feuding duo behind one of America’s greatest (fictional) detectives Source: The Case of the Two-Headed Author | The Smart Set When I was in — 9th grade? — I loved watching Levinson & Link’s TV series Ellery Queen, which starred Jim Hutton as the detective author and David Wayne as his police inspector father. I […]

Non Finito | The Smart Set

The Metropolitan Museum Breuer on 75th Street and Madison Avenue (the former site of the Whitney Museum now relocated to hip new quarters downtown) currently features an exhibition that seems perfect Source: Non Finito | The Smart Set Paula Marantz Cohen: I found I often liked the unfinished works on display better than the finished ones […]