Daily Deals

Back in 2001 when I first started subscribing to Audible, you got one free book a month.

I stopped subscribing when I went through some lean years and never went back. I agree with Ramit Sethi that, in some cases, buying something as I need it or want it is better than subscribing.

I subscribe to WAY too many services these days, but as far as Audible goes, I’ve tended to buy a book only when I really wanted it for a trip.

BUT. If you like audiobooks, it pays to sign up for Audible’s daily deal email. Each day, one book is discounted to $1.95–4.95.

The books can include Great Courses books, fiction, non-fiction, classics, etc. Most days I delete the email because the selection is not something I’m interested in. But when something comes my way that I didn’t know I wanted – such as Patton Oswalt’s Silver Screen Fiend or Ken Grimwood’s Replay or Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine – I scoop it up.

Until Jan. 28, they’re offering a selection of their 2017 daily deals and I took advantage of this to buy My Antonia, English Grammar Boot Camp from the Great Courses, The Lathe of Heaven, and many other books.

I’ve been wanting lately to listen to fewer podcasts and instead start listening to more substantial fare. No better time to start than now.