What I'm Doing Now

(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers' now page.)

I am working full-time in Durham, NC, as a contract software technical writer for a federal agency.

This Blog

My blog serves as logbook, diary, open-research notebook, and curated ephemera. Posting irregularly.

This Squarespace Site

My blog used to be on WordPress, but I switched to Squarespace in 2017. I am still coming to grips with it. Squarespace has not proven as easy to use as I had hoped: the templates never work quite as I expect, the template “families” sport different features that are not obvious, and the Posting bookmarklet has not worked for a while (so much for Squarespace’s vaunted support). Currently looking into static blog sites.

Vinyl Digitizing Project

I’m digitizing our vinyl collection as part of our overall downsizing project; not every record, just special ones. I’ve worked out a pretty good workflow; not yet tackled a record with horrible defects.

Bull City Commons

We have joined a developing cohousing community called Bull City Commons. We are both serving on circles (ie, committees), doing BCC homework, attending 2-4 meetings a month, and holding positions of various responsibilities within the community. As deadlines approach, the workload has been increasing. Its work takes precedence over this blog.

The Three Principles

The Three Principles is an understanding of spiritual psychology that explains how I make up the world in my head -- which is in effect the world I interact with every day. I still do not fully understand the principles, but I am persisting. Even with the partial understanding I have, many implications fall out from that. My journey through this understanding will be recorded in the blog.

Updated: 2019-05-07